Hadrian’s Wall Essential Services Guide

A new guide has just been released, covering the “Essential Services” available to walkers along Hadrian’s Wall Path.

The guide priced at a very reasonable £4.99, including delivery and is available from the National Trails Online Gift Shop, using this link. The Trail Shop describes the book as:

Compiled by Helen Richards (WallTogether and Hadrian’s Wall Association) and David McGlade (Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail Officer, Northumberland National Park Authority)

Hadrian’s Wall Path runs through a varied and inspiring landscape ranging from the tranquillity of the Solway estuary to the rugged uplands of the central section of the Wall. It is rich in archaeology, wildlife and geological interest.  Yet the visitor’s  experience of even the most magical places can be marred if you don’t know where to get a cold drink on a hot day or you can’t find a hearty meal in the evening after a long day walking the National Trail – and even worse if you can’t find a place to withdraw cash to pay for these! This popular pocket-sized reference is a compilation of answers to frequently asked questions, top tips and general good advice. It will greatly help walkers and visitors to find these essential services, and so help you to enjoy Hadrian’s Wall Path to the full.

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