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Brigantes Terms of Business

Accommodation booking service

Brigantes Walking Holidays & Baggage Couriers operate the booking service, and act only as your agent when making accommodation bookings. Our responsibility ends when we have confirmed your reservations. We always make efforts to ensure that we, and yourselves are happy that the establishments we promote for you are of an acceptable standard, and able to provide an appropriate standard of service. Since we are not involved in the day-to-day running of any of the establishments we promote, we are therefore not liable for the quality of service received, and any complaints in this respect, should be addressed to the proprietors of the establishment at the time. However, in our own interests, we would always like to hear about any establishment that fails to meet the required standard of service, or exceeds your expectations. Prices of accommodation are provided to us by the proprietors, and may vary from room to room, by virtue of position, view, or facilities. Prices are quoted per person, on a “Bed & Breakfast” basis, and based on two persons sharing a room. Costs of evening meals (where provided on the premises) are not included in our quotation.

It may not always be possible to book large parties into the same overnight accommodation, and therefore, it may become necessary to split the group. You are more likely to secure your preferred choice if you give us as much notice as possible, and can avoid starting your holiday on a Bank Holiday, or on a popular holiday weekend. We are usually able to fulfil a booking service order within three working days. A 20% deposit of the value of your holiday will be required on acceptance of your receipt of the booking arrangements. Payment can be made by credit/debit card, or by cheque or bank transfer.

Single/Solo Travellers

In fairness to our single/solo clients, Brigantes does not make a “single occupancy” charge. Our quotation will include only the additional costs charged to us by the accommodation providers, but such charges, where made, have generally been included in our price for the holiday.

Alteration of bookings

Should you wish to change your accommodation arrangements subsequent to having accepted the reservations we have made for you, please let us know as soon as possible. In such instances, we reserve the right to charge an amendment fee of £20 per person.


We enjoy a good reputation with our accommodation providers, and are usually allowed to make bookings without them insisting on taking deposits from us at the time of booking. However, they must be protected against “no-shows”, or late cancellations. You are therefore advised to take-out appropriate travel insurance at the time of making your booking. Should you subsequently cancel your booking arrangements, the following charges will be levied:

  • The period commencing from 7 days after the issue of the booking arrangements, until 4 weeks before your holiday commencement date, the 20% deposit already paid will be retained.
  • During the 4-week period leading to the start-date of your holiday,(during which all accommodation will have been paid) any subsequent refund we are able to secure from our accommodation providers, will be returned to you.
  • Once you have commenced your holiday, we cannot make a refund for any of our services that you fail to use, and you will need to contact your holiday insurers for this.


Walking & Cycling clients are requested to make their own arrangements as concerns taking out suitable insurance to cover for Third Party, theft and accidental damage, and also for holiday cancellation costs.

Baggage Weight Limit

Our charges for baggage transfers are structured on the assumption that we will be carrying a bag, the weight of which, you would normally be happy to carry yourself. Having had several of our drivers suffer some degree of back or shoulder injury during previous seasons as a result of trying to lift overweight bags, we have, as a legal and insurance precaution, a limit of 17 kg as the maximum weight we are prepared to allow our drivers to handle with safety.

Our drivers are provided with weighing scales, and if a bag weighs more than 17kg, we will provide you with a suitable holdall to enable you to transfer the weight into an additional bag. The extra charge for transferring the additional bag is £8.00 per bag per day, a brown envelope will be provided to enable you to make your additional daily payment. Failure to redistribute the bag weight will make it impossible for our driver to transfer your luggage safely.

Baggage Transfer Service

Your contract for the baggage transfer service is with ourselves.

The charges for baggage transfers vary according to the route undertaken.

Your bag for transfer should weigh no more than 17 kgs – a weight capable of being carried by yourself, and should not have loose objects attached to the outside (see above for more information).

Please do not ask us to transport and be responsible for valuable items, such as laptop computers, expensive cameras, mobile phones or tablets. Each bag for transfer should be labelled using the labels provided by ourselves, and clearly marked with the name of the person making the booking for the group, in addition to the owners name.

We endeavour to have your baggage delivered to the next destination by 4pm, barring traffic hold-ups, or other diversions and delays beyond our control. Our driver will usually collect your luggage after 9.30am, if earlier it would be by mutual consent. In the event of rain conditions, you are advised to carry wet weather protection, and a supply of dry clothing.

Cancellation of baggage transfers: Our charges, being calculated to make them affordable to our clients, are based on a minimum number of participants on the walk, and your cancellation may render the remainder of the trip unviable for us. If we have no other clients on the route, we will request an administration fee of £20 for any cancellations. Should you cancel your baggage transfers during your walk, there is no refund available.

Customer Services

Our office staff can be contacted between 8am and 6pm, 7 days per week during the walking season (April to October). Normal office hours (9am to 5pm) out of season. If you need to contact us after 6pm, and in an emergency or if you require an immediate response, please text or ring Annette on her mobile 07973 164514 (urgent calls only after hours please!).

You may telephone our office on 01756 770402 or e-mail support@brigantesenglishwalks.com

Our postal address is:
Brigantes Walking Holidays,
Bob’s Laithe,
Halton Gill,
N. Skipton
N. Yorkshire. BD23 5QN