Category: Dales Life


Malhamdale’s ‘Winter Tour’

Picture, if you can, a dank day at the beginning of January.  The festive season consigned to boxes in the attic, the holiday period well and truly over and months of work ahead with the summer holidays a far too distant promise somewhere on the distant horizon. Malhamdale is shrouded...


A Tale From an Off-Cum’dun

I consider myself to be a local in these parts but not quite.  I was born here, went to school here, left for the obligatory time at uni and gave the world away from the Dale a reasonable chance and then, happily, returned able to say that I had ‘seen...


It’s Show Time

If you are travelling through the Dales during August and September you may become aware that it is ‘Show Time’ and not in the theatrical sense. It is the time of year for Dales’ folk to show their finest – be it their jam making skills, their sporting prowess or...