Dales Way
78 mile walk through the Dales and into the Lake District

The Dales Way is a long distance footpath of roughly 78 miles, usually starting in Ilkley, passing through many lovely and interesting dales and villages, to its end on the shores of Lake Windermere at Bowness, in the Lake District.

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Holiday Packages

All our Standard Itineraries include:

  • Hand-picked accommodation in B&Bs / guest houses / inns / small hotels
  • En-suite facilities where available
  • Breakfast
  • Daily baggage transfers from our own team of local drivers
  • All booking fees

We will also endeavour to include all these in any custom itinerary you wish to build for this walk.

Itin A:   6D / 7N       £760 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Burnsall (12.6m)
Day 2: Burnsall to Hubberholme (14.9m)
Day 3: Hubberholme to Ribblehead (12m)
Day 4: Ribblehead to Sedbergh (16.1m)
Day 5: Sedbergh to A6 (Kendal to Shap road) (14.5m)
Day 6: A6 to Bowness (11m)


£880 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£760 per person
(based on two or more)


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Itin B:   4D / 5N       £555 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Kettlewell (22.3m)
Day 2: Kettlewell to Ribblehead (17.7m)
Day 3: Ribblehead to Howgill (20.3m)
Day 4: Howgill to Bowness (20.7m)


£645 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£555 per person
(based on two or more)


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Itin C:   5D / 6N       £680 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Grassington (16m)
Day 2: Grassington to Oughtershaw (16.5m)
Day 3: Oughtershaw to Dent (15.5m)
Day 4: Dent to Grayrigg Foot (15.9m), taxi to Kendal*
Day 5: taxi to Grayrigg Foot, walk to Bowness (14m)


£805 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£680 per person
(based on two or more)


* price includes taxi

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Itin D:   7D / 8N       £870 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Appletreewick (11.3m)
Day 2: Appletreewick to Kettlewell (10.9m)
Day 3: Kettlewell to Oughtershaw (10.3m)
Day 4: Oughtershaw to Cowgill (10.5m)
Day 5: Cowgill to Sedbergh (10.1m)
Day 6: Sedbergh to Patton Bridge (12.5m), taxi to Kendal*
Day 7: taxi to Patton Bridge, walk to Bowness (13m)


£1,010 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£870 per person
(based on two or more)


*price includes taxi

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Itin E:   8D / 9N       £990 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Appletreewick (11.3m)
Day 2: Appletreewick to Kettlewell (10.9m)
Day 3: Kettlewell to Oughtershaw (10.3m)
Day 4: Oughtershaw to Cowgill (10.5m)
Day 5: Cowgill to Sedbergh (10.1m)
Day 6: Sedbergh to Lambrigg Head (8.8m), taxi to Kendal
Day 7: taxi to Lambrigg Head, walk to Staveley (10.5m)
Day 8: Staveley to Bowness (6.6m)


£1,165 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£990 per person
(based on two or more)


*price includes taxi

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Itin F:   9D / 10N       £1135 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Barden Bridge (9m), personal transport to Grassington*
Day 2: personal transport to Barden Bridge, walk to Grassington (7m)
Day 3: Grassington to Starbotton (8.4m)
Day 4: Starbotton to Oughtershaw (8.1m)
Day 5: Oughtershaw to Cowgill (10.5m)
Day 6: Cowgill to Sedbergh (10.1m)
Day 7: Sedbergh to Lambrigg Head (8.8m), taxi to Kendal*
Day 8: taxi to Lambrigg Head, walk to Staveley (10.5m)
Day 9: Staveley to Bowness (6.6m)


£1,360 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£1,135 per person
(based on two or more)


*price includes taxi

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Itin G:   10D / 11N       £1240 pp *

Day 1: Ilkley to Barden Bridge (9m), personal transport to Grassington*
Day 2: personal transport to Barden Bridge, walk to Grassington (7m)
Day 3: Grassington to Starbotton (8.4m)
Day 4: Starbotton to Oughtershaw (8.1m)
Day 5: Oughtershaw to Ribblehead (7.4m)
Day 6: Ribblehead to Cowgill (6m)
Day 7: Cowgill to Sedbergh (10.1m)
Day 8: Sedbergh to Lambrigg Head (8.8m), taxi to Kendal*
Day 9: taxi to Lambrigg Head, walk to Staveley (10.5m)
Day 10: Staveley to Bowness (6.6m)


£1,480 solo walkers (plus single supplements)
£1,240 per person
(based on two or more)


*price includes taxi

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* All headline holiday prices are shown per person, based on two people sharing.

Baggage Transfer

Baggage Transfer is automatically included in the price of all our Walking Holiday packages.

These prices are for anyone planning their own holiday and just need bags moving from one stop to the next.

Itin A, D, E, F & G

£30 per day (solo walker)
£15 per person per day
 (minimum of two persons)


Max 17kg per bag

Itin B

£44 per day (solo walker)
£22 per person per day
 (minimum of two persons)


Max 17kg per bag

Itin C

£36 per day (solo walker)
£18 per person per day
 (minimum of two persons)


Max 17kg per bag

Note: If you are booking accommodation in an Airbnb, you must ensure that there will either be someone available to take collection/delivery of your bags or that they have appropriate, secure storage in the event that the proprietor is absent.

Walk Information

Rest Days
Rest days can be incorporated into any walking holiday package at an additional £65.00 per person per night

Solo Travellers
Solo travellers please contact us or use the booking form to send your proposed itinerary including dates, and we will price accordingly. Where possible, we take advantage of existing bookings from other clients to ensure you receive a cost effective service.

Alternative Itineraries
For alternative itineraries to those provided for this route, please contact us, or use the Booking Form to submit your proposed itinerary and number of participants and we will quote accordingly.

Walking Season Dates
Prices are based on the walk starting after 1st April and ending before 30th September.

Personal Transport
From our parking facility in Kirkby Malham to Ilkley, and return from Bowness.

£270 (1 passenger)
£135 per person
(2 passengers)
£90 per person (3 passengers)
£70 per person (4 passengers)
£55 per person (5 – 7 passengers)

Walk Information
The Dales Way is a long distance footpath of roughly 80 miles, usually starting in Ilkley, passing through many lovely and interesting dales and villages, to its end on the shores of Lake Windermere at Bowness, in the Lake District. Along the way, it follows Wharfedale, passing the ancient priory at Bolton Abbey, and continues at a predominantly low level as it follows the valleys of the Rivers Wharfe, Dee, Lune, and Kent. However, the weather and terrain should not be underestimated, as it does cross the Pennine moors at a high level, near Ribblehead, in the central section, which can often be shrouded in low cloud.

The route was originally planned as an official National Trail though unfortunately it has not yet achieved this status. As far as possible the Dales Way follows riverside tracks and offers a scenically attractive route from urban West Yorkshire to the Lake District. Any reasonably fit person can undertake the walk in a week’s holiday, but as with every long distance walk, it is important not to overestimate one’s fitness and stamina, or the country and weather conditions, and also not to overestimate the amount of clothing and equipment required to complete the walk, within the constraints of personal comfort!

Brigantes Walking Holidays has helped hundreds of walkers to achieve the completion of the walk, whilst attaining maximum enjoyment of the scenery without having to carry a heavy backpack, knowing that warm and dry clothing awaits them at the end of each day.

OS Explorer Maps
OL2 – Yorkshire Dales – Southern & Western areas
OL7 – English Lakes – South-eastern area
OL19 – Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley
OL30 – Yorkshire Dales – Northern & Central areas
297 – Lower Wharfedale & Washburn Valley

Guide Books
The Dales Way” Published by Cicerone – ISBN: 9781786310934

Mobile Digital Mapping
Digital maps can be viewed on most modern smartphones using an appropriate app, downloaded from the app store associated with your device. Brigantes recommend that whichever app you use, it should support Ordnance Survey 1:25k or 1:50k scale maps. There are many apps to choose from, but the two main providers are Ordnance Survey and Memory Map.

Each provider’s app has its own benefits, but both provide all-important offline navigation, meaning your device does not need a mobile signal to work effectively on the trail.

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Walkers' Testimonials

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53 Replies to “Dales Way”

  1. Just back from an excellent 8 days on the Dales Way mostly in glorious sunshine.
    We booked our own accommodation but used Brigantes to move our luggage.
    They were faultless with the bags always being there for us on arrival including our request for them to be delivered to us at Windermere Railway Station on the final day. Annette and the team are brilliant and I would recommend Brigantes to anyone else requiring this sort of service.

  2. I have just finished walking the Dales Way with 3 friends, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having walked the Dales High Way some years ago, I felt it would be lovely to walk the Dales Way which is easier but explores the valley and riverside areas. We took 8 days with 9 nights self-booked, and Brigantes handled our luggage with no problems at all, which made the trip so much easier. Our luggage was waiting for us in each accommodation, which varied from an off-the-beaten track farmhouse, a glamping site, a hostel, a Travelodge and B&Bs. I thoroughly recommend the Dales Way, even if you know Yorkshire well; it explores some lesser-known areas such as Langstrothdale, Oughtershaw, and the Cumbrian part of the Dales National Park, the foothills of the Howgills, and the beautiful country between the Dales and the Lakes which one usually misses as you whizz north along the M6!

  3. This was our first long distance walk and after reading reviews on baggage courier service, we chose Brigantes.
    We never met the couriers as we left early but seeing your bags at the next stop was a welcoming sight. All communication with Annette and the team was quick and professional and the service they provide is outstanding.

    The walk – the first two days were glorious, Ilkley – Burnsall, Burnsall – Hubberholme (we were lucky and had great weather despite all the forecasts for April 2024), as you can drop into small towns and villages and pubs. The third day Hubberholme – Dent, was probably too far for us (20 miles) and there is no shops, cafes, pubs, nothing but beautiful scenery and bog hopping up a hill. The last day Dent – Kendal was again very isolated, so take a pack lunch, ours were kindly provided at The George in Hubberholme and The George & Dragin in Dent.

    Being able to walk for hours on deserted paths, with just a day bag on your back was perfect and we will definitely be using Brigantes again.

  4. Just completed the Dales Way arranged by Brigantes. From initial contact to commencement of the walk, Brigantes have been outstanding. The comprehensive information pack supplied was very useful prior to, and during the walk. All booked accommodation was excellent. My baggage was awaiting my arrival at each destination. I am now looking to book another long distance walk. Thanks to Annette and team Brigantes!

  5. Brigantes provided us with an excellent baggage transfer. From the start of the booking process with Annette to actually undertaking the Dales Way with the drivers who transferred our luggage, everything went smoothly. Staff have been polite, professional and the service reliable. We’ll definitely use the company again and recommend to others. Well done !

  6. Just completed the Dalesway with the help of Brigantes baggage transfer service, as usual, (we have used them before), everything went smoothly and its so comforting to see your bags when you arrive at your accommodation especially after a couple of times we were wet through on arrival. Would recommend Brigantes to anyone.

  7. Annette, Thank you for such a lovely week walking.
    It was possible for us only because of the excellent work of yourself and your helpers. The week worked perfectly. We felt stretched (and therefore feel pleased that we accomplished something) and well looked after (we feel you sussed us out early on and chose exactly the accommodation we would have wished for).
    It was lovely to actually meet you. Many thanks, David & Gill

  8. We have just completed the Dales Way & this was the 1st time we have used a baggage carrier. Annette & her team were brilliant – we had an injured walker one day & Tom kindly transported him along with our luggage to our next overnight stop. Will definitely use Brigantes for our next long distance walk. Thank you

  9. Another excellent service from Brigantes transferring our bags along the Dales Way. We have used them many times without a hitch. I would thoroughly recommend them.

  10. We simply used Brigantes for baggage transfer and I just wanted to thank you you and your team for a very good service! Efficient and reliable system. Definitely will use again

  11. “Four of us completed the Dales Way over seven days in October and found Brigantes baggage handling to be absolutely faultless: friendly, efficient and good value too. We would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone else considering a long distance walk.
    Jim and Viv Nevill”

  12. Just walked the Dales with two friends, having never attempted a long distance walk before, was trusting in Brigantes to ensure it went as smoothly as possible and was not disappointed. Luggage was duly collected and delivered as agreed. Would definitely recommend Brigantes to support any intended walks. An amazing experience walking the Dales Way.

  13. Thank you to Annette and her team for transferring our luggage so efficiently! The Dales Way was our first Long Distance Path so we were a little anxious about both the walking and the xfr of our bags. We needn’t have worried at all! There are points on the way which are not well sign posted but as we had the OS app this was not so much of a problem. Much of the way is low level with only a few inclines, underfoot there are some rocky surfaces. A beautiful walk with lots of beautiful rivers flowing alongside.
    The luggage transfer was super easy, just have it ready by 9am and on arrival at our next overnight it was, mostly, in our rooms! Fabulous service, highly recommendable!

  14. We completed the Dales Way in July this year – it is a fabulous walk! We used Brigantes to transfer our baggage each day throughout the week, and I can confirm they are 100% reliable. Every day our baggage arrived at our next port of call before we did. I would not hesitate in recommending them, and will certainly use them again for our next long distance walk!

  15. Just completed a 5-day Dales Way and really benefitted from the incredibly efficient baggage transfer service provided by Brigantes. From the very start, dropping off the bags at The Riverside, all transfers worked perfectly, bags arriving at each destination as if by magic! The baggage transfer service and just carrying a day-sack makes the walking days much more enjoyable. Highly recommended.

  16. We have just completed the Dales Way and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. The organisation was great and our bags arrived before us each day! We upgraded at The Black Bull in Sedbergh and the Castle Green at Kendal which was a lovely treat. We had a few rainy days but unfortunately we hadn’t thought to upgrade the weather, perhaps next time! Very impressed with Brigantes and are thinking about our next walk, thanks very much to Annette and her team.

  17. Walked the first part of the Dales Way from Ilkley to Dent and used Brigantes for our luggage transfers. Our luggage was waiting for us each day and was even delivered on the last day to the tea shop in Dent! Great service and will definitely use Brigantes again. Thank you to Annette and team!

  18. Just finished the Dales Way on the 7 day option. Walked it with my 2 daughters for company. Everything went perfectly and to time. All the accommodation was excellent. Lunches were taken along the route (and off route). Memorable moments:- filming of All Creatures Great and Small in Grassington; The George Inn at Hubberholme; Staion Inn at Ribblehead (viewed The Sir Nigel Gresley on the viaduct).
    Just a fantastic trip.
    Many thanks to Annette and her excellent team.
    Neil, Vikki and Jo

  19. We have recently used Brigantes got baggage transfer whilst we walked the Dales Way. Absolutely faultless service and we arrived at our accommodation everyday with complete confidence that our bags works be waiting for us. The walk itself is a lovely walk, through a beautiful part of the world. However, I world recommend taking longer than the 5 days that we took, especially as we were beginning the Cumbria Way the day after!

    1. Brilliant walk, The Dales Way is almost the perfect walk, great scenery all the way, undulating but not too challenging and Brigantes were absolutely superb in getting bags from A to B. We used this company a few years ago doing the Dales Highway with same great results. Well done Brigantes.

  20. Just completed 8 days with Brigantes starting along the Dales Way, wandering over to the Pennine Way, the Pennine Journey, then back to finish along the Dales Way. Bags picked up after 9.00 and always there when we arrived. Thank you Annette and your team. Great service. John and Megan

  21. We are just back from our Dales Way walk over 8 great days and just wanted to say a big thank you to Annette and her team for the fantastic organisation and efficiency. It all went like clockwork; from the pick up and return to our car by Karen, the bang on time arrival of the taxi transfers at Lambrigg Head and the invisible magic that was the transfer of our baggage to the great accommodation each evening, (no complaints about any of them)….it was all wonderful. We also heard nothing but praise from the accommodation owners along the way about Brigantes. We are aware of how difficult your task is at the moment in the current Covid climate and really appreciate it.
    Thank you so much and we are already thinking about our next adventure which will definitely be booked through Brigantes.

  22. Just to say a big thank you to Brigantes for making our Dales Way walking holiday a great success. All the transfer arrangements worked perfectly every day and all the accommodations were excellent. Biggest challenge was the weather as we chose the heatwave in July 2021 and it was very hot most days. On the other hand this made the views and scenery even more spectacular. Annette was particularly helpful in providing transport herself when alternative accommodation was required due to our hotel in Kettlewell having to close unexpectedly.. The itinerary that was planned around our ability fitted our needs perfectly. We also recommended Brigantes to quite a few walkers we met along the way.

  23. Back home and back to reality today. A friend and I finished our Dales Way walk on Sunday afternoon (4/7/2021), we had been looking forward to this walk for over a year. Our first attempt didn’t happen last September when we had to postpone due to our circumstances and covid, we was not in a bubble and had booked twin rooms – no problem for Annette who moved our booking to May this year and us changing to single rooms, it didn’t happen due to lockdown being extended!! No problem again to Annette who moved us on again, quite a lady with the customer always in mind, a real gem. Well it finally happened, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, weather brilliant for the first five days, too hot at times for us walking, then a four hour plus drenching on the sixth day and a little damp on the last day. The walk itself is beautiful, with a wide range of different views, from riverside walking to wide open views to fell views . A brilliant walk. The accommodation along the route was superb, we have a few favourites but all were excellent, and as everyone here says the luggage appeared before we did anywhere as if by magic. Thank you Brigantes this walk was well wort the wait, and your service out of this world.

  24. Have just completed the Dales Way over 7Days /8Nights as a Solo Walker. Thank you Brigantes for organising such an excellent itinerary, all my accommodation was lovely I was well looked after and my suitcase was always in my room before I arrived. I thoroughly enjoyed this my first long distance walk, the route was a delight from start to finish, I am planning to do another walk in 2022 and will be using Brigantes again.

  25. We enjoyed three days on the Dalesway going north from Ilkley. Four of us with two dogs. Brigantes organised very good accommodation and baggage transfer and all went very well. We were doing only 8 miles a day which was just right for us. We would particularly like to recognise how helpful Gordon, the Taxi Driver from Dales Cab Company, was when we needed to change our arrangements at the last minute. Will definitely book again with Brigantes when we tackle the next stages.

  26. We are a group of 4 runners who decided to run the Dales Way over 3 days to raise money for NSPCC and for the pure enjoyment. Brigantes met us at the train station on our first morning to collect our bags and made sure they were waiting for us on time each night at our accommodation and at the end of our run.Thanks so much for a very smooth and friendly service.

  27. We are used to the seamless efficiency of Brigantes, moving our bags as if by magic from one B&B to another….and on the Dales Way, as usual, we enjoyed a wonderful selection of B&Bs with individuality and character – eg the spacious suite at Daleslea in Sedbergh, the breakfast served in our room at Wainwright House in Kendal, the House Martins nesting above the window of the barn conversion at Swarthghyll Farm. Brigantes failed only to conjure up the usual sunny weather, with a downpour of rain on the first 2 days leading to a River Wharfe in spate and the path beside it inundated in places! This led to some exciting diversions: at Burnsall we were forced away from the riverside through the village, but were compensated by the discovery of a delightful 17th century school building. The Bolton Abbey ruins were deserted and romantic in the misty rain.

    The Dales Way proved to be a fine, varied route with riverside, moorland and agricultural field walking. It crossed previous walks we have done in the Pennines, giving fine views and revealing new aspects of familiar places. The walking was not too challenging, allowing us time to enjoy the birds and the birdsong – a Mistle Thrush’s mournful notes, the Blackcap’s beautiful warbling; fine old buildings – churches, mills, a Quaker meeting House, barns; the magnificent viaducts of the former Ingleton to Lowgill railway, which was built to main-line standards for express trains from Leeds to Scotland yet was relegated to minor branch-line status after the Midland Railway constructed the alternative Setttle to Carlisle route – (‘The Ingleton Branch, a lost route to Scotland’ by Robert Weston gives a good account of this). We learnt about sheep farming too: one farmer explained that he was vaccinating his ewes against Toxoplasma Abortion, another farmer told us about the unusual breed of spotted sheep in his field, another said that he needed to carry a stick to keep his tups in order.

    Brigantes is able to adapt to unexpected crises: when a holiday we had booked last year on Lady Anne’s Way was cancelled as a result of Covid lockdown, Annette was able to re-book within a few days as soon as lockdown was eased. On this holiday our Kettlewell booking at the Racehorses fell through (because the discovery of asbestos led to sudden closure of the hotel), but Annette stepped in to convey us to a splendid alternative at Amelia’s Kitchen in Halton Gill.

  28. We originally planned to walk the Dales Way in May 2020 but had to postpone till 2021. Brigantes were helpful, and flexible throughout – and they moved our bags seamlessly. We also heard quite a bit of positive feedback from the various b&b’s we stayed in.

  29. Thanks Brigantes! We walked the Dales way in the “wrong” direction, with a tent needing transport as well as bags. We camped some nights and finished at my daughter’s in Burley-in Wharfedale which is past Ilkley. Nothing was too much trouble and the bags were magically collected and delivered each day. What a brilliant service, reasonably priced too. Annette was more than helpful, even when we had to change our itinerary quite late on because of accommodation changes and the driver ‘phoned my daughter to give an estimated drop off time which was really helpful to her.
    Thanks again, we will definitely use again on other walks.

  30. We were a group of 4, planned our own itinerary and accommodation for the Dales Way walk, and used Brigantes’ service to transfer our luggage each day. It was so easy to book, and Annette was very helpful in answering any questions. We quickly got used to our luggage magically being in our rooms each evening when we arrived! It was a great service, and I will use Brigantes again if I am doing another long distance walk.

  31. Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoyed our walking holiday. Our luggage was delivered each day without any glitches and the accommodations were very nice. We especially enjoyed our stays at Daleslea in Sedbergh, Belk’s in Kettlewell and Bridge House in Kendal. Thanks for taking care of all the details – even the weather was good.

    1. Thankyou very much for arranging our walk “The Dales Way” . We were very pleased with your company from start to finish. Transfering the bags, choice of accomodation and taxi links in-between.  All went so smoothly. The walk was brilliant. We are now looking at our next long distance walk and will certainly be in touch with you to help us again. Anne Hargreaves

      Where do you live?

  32. Thank you once again for moving our baggage so efficiently every day. It was lovely to be confident that it would be there when we arrived. We had a wonderful walk with perfect weather, so we were very lucky.

  33. We’ve just finished the Dales Way and it was really great to be able to forget about our luggage but be confident it would arrive at our next accommodation before us

  34. Now back home after my walking holidays on the Dales Way, I would like to thank you for the excellent way in which you got them organised. All the accommodation that you booked for me was very nice, with all the amenities that I required. Every place was in a pleasant and convenient location, and always easy to find thanks to the precise information that you provided me with. My suitcase got picked up and delivered every day from one place to the next without a glitch. Just a pity that the weather was not always too good, but there is nothing you could have done about that! Altogether I had a great time and I hope to have the opportunity of using Brigantes’ services again in the future.

  35. Thank you Brigantes for transferring our bags so efficiently along The Dales Way. We had a great walk and loved every minute of it, our bags magically appeared at each new destination.
    We had warm welcomes at The Red Lion in Burnsall ( great family run hotel ), The George at Hubberholme ( perfectly located and great pies ), The Sportsman Inn at Cowgill ( loved the bathroom for room 4 ) and The Jolly Angler at Burneside ( accommodation was a little tired, but the warm welcome and wholesome pub food made it a good place to stop ) – but special mention must be made of the extra special welcome and fabulous comfort at Sumerhill B&B in Sedburgh.
    The route was easy to follow except the section just after crossing the mainline west coast railway – a field of cows and an electric fence sent us off course for a moment or two.
    Looking forward to another long distance footpath in the future, but only if we can have Brigantes carry our luggage once again.

  36. Let Annette Take The Strain ! All the booking done for me and my luggage carried meant I could relax and just enjoy this glorious walk. The accommodation was excellent : great hospitality at the Fox and Hounds in Starbotton, luxury at the remote Swarthghyll Farm and smart B and B’s in Ilkley (Dales View) and Sedbergh (Daleslea).
    The Trailblazer guide by Henry Stedman is excellent.

  37. Thank you for moving our luggage so efficiently along the Dales Way. It was lovely to see our luggage waiting for us at each stop and not to have to think about it at all. A wonderfully efficient service, thank you. A lovely walk and always a warm welcome wherever we stayed.

  38. Thank you to the Brigantes team. I have now used this excellent service of baggage transfer six times over the last 10 years.
    The outstanding places we stayed in were the Red Lion at Burnsall – very friendly staff, comfortable room and lovely food.
    The Kings Head Kettlewell – Good food
    The Dalesman Sedbergh – Lovely rooms and good food (this was, however, the priciest)
    Sonata Guest House Kendal – probably the best Guest House I have ever stayed in. The owners were very friendly and clearly took great pride in everything. It was an immaculate place in every way and the breakfast a delight. (I booked a taxi for our group from Grayrigg Foot into Kendal and back)
    Virginia Cottage Guest House in Bowness was also very nice with a good breakfast.

    Other places we stayed that were perfectly O.K. were – The Riverside Hotel, Ilkley (the night before setting off on The Dales Way)
    The George Inn, Hubberholme where the host, Ed, remembers everyone’s name.
    The Eagle & Child Staveley

  39. Having walked the Dales Way with my wife and friends in late June, we were really impressed by the service provided by Annette and her team. Not all walkers we met were so happy with their’s! I can only agree with other comments that it is simply not worth spoiling a lovely walk like the Dales Way by carrying a heavy pack. I have no hesitation in recommending Brigantes!

  40. We walked the Dales Way in May 2017, finishing only five days ago. We walked over six days. Brigantes were fantastic…every day our bags were at the Inn/BnB where we had booked in. Thoroughly recommend this courier service and many many thanks to Annette and her team.
    This was our first long distance walk BTW and it was great…exhausting but really good and we had some HOT weather to contend with!

  41. Just finished the walk and it was fabulous. Thank you Brigantes for making it all possible by arranging the accommodations and baggage transfer, both of which were excellent, efficient, and trouble-free.

  42. We used Brigantes on the Dales Way Walk in May this year, they were fantastic and our two cases arrived safely each day. At the price they charge it really is not worth back-packing, it makes the holiday and walk so much more enjoyable. We stayed in some fabulous places including Cambridge House in Windermere, Lakeland Hills in Burneside and Mrs Kitching in Hebden. It’s a glorious walk and not strenuous compared to some others. We even booked the sun most of the week and counted 34 different species of bird.

  43. Two of us set off to do the Dalesway with full packs intending to do a mixture of camping and B&Bing. Ilkley to Grassington was 23 degrees and completely drained us. The Foresters Arms and Brigantes to the rescue! Replaced the full packs with daypacks at The Mountaineer in Grassington and set off again. Arriived in Beckermonds relatively fresh for a pair of unfit hikers and our packs were there waiting for us. The same in Dent and again in Staveley, and as we now had our “walking legs” and energy left, carried ful load into Bowness and up to Windermere station.
    Having now experienced the Dalesway, I would definitely recommend using Brigantes as the trek is too nice to be spoiled by carrying too much and worrying about your agenda.

    1. Thank you for your lovely recommendation, we do our best to make your walking holidays an enjoyable and relaxing experience! Thanks also to The Foresters Arms in Grassington for sending you to Brigantes!

  44. Loved the dales way and Brigantes made it so easy;all we had to do was walk! the dales high way beckons next. pete and Jan fowler

    1. Thank you for your feedback, we look forward to helping you again with the Dales Highway, and hopefully many more of our walks!

  45. Hello Annette, With the aid of an ibuprofen or two, tiger balm on the old knees and a couple of walking poles each, these two old wrinklies managed to complete and enjoy the walk despite the weather throwing everything it could at us. Snow, rain, mist and soggy boggy tracks.
    Thank you to you and your team for organising the walk. It was terrific. The accommodation even better than the walk twelve or so years ago.
    When we arrived at our destination wet through, we had no problem drying out.
    Our two nights at Garsdale Head with a pick up from Sedbergh plus return gave us a day off and ride on the Settle – Carlisle railway(an added bonus)
    We had hotel upgrades and even a four poster bed with a decanter of sherry in our room on our final night at Bowness. We were very bad and didn’t heed the flood diversion notices and actually had no problems.
    Thank you again for a very pleasant and satisfying walk.
    Gordon & Cathie Wood

    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback, we are delighted you enjoyed your walk on the Dales Way, and look forward to being of assistance again in the future.

  46. Many thanks for your patience in sorting out our requirements and for the excellent and efficient baggage transfer as we did the Dales Way. It was a highly enjoyable walk and we had a really great time. We’ll be back!

    1. Thank you, John, for your comments, we are so pleased you enjoyed your walk, and look forward to booking another holiday for you in the future.

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