Pennine Bridleway: Walk Information

he Pennine Bridleway is a 205 miles (330 Km) long National Trail running through the Pennine hills from Derbyshire to Cumbria. The route can be undertaken by mountain bikers, walkers, and horse riders. The route runs through the Pennines so expect hills and changeable weather! The most southerly section follows the High Peak Trail, a reclaimed railway line where the surface is relatively level but after this there are more changes (and challenges) in gradient and surface. The South Pennine valleys (crossed by the Mary Towneley Loop) are particularly steep.The route follows a variety of surfaces including minor roads, aggregate tracks, grassed stone tracks, stone setts and worn causey flags. Some of these have been newly created specifically for the Pennine Bridleway but some are ancient highways such as drovers roads or packhorse trails that have been in use for centuries. As the route progresses northwards through the Yorkshire Dales it becomes more remote and the settlements are fewer so Trail users should be sure to carry to supplies and be prepared for all weather conditions. The Trail includes 2 large loops. The first is the Mary Towneley Loop in the South Pennines, 47 miles long, and was the first section of the Trail to open back in 2002. The 2nd Loop is the 10 mile Settle Loop in the Yorkshire Dales.

There is limited accommodation along the route, and on occasions it is necessary to venture “off route” for an overnight stop, any additional mileages are included below. We have suggested some itinerary options, taking into account accommodation availability.

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