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This walk traces the route which marks the northernmost frontier to the old Roman Empire, is 84 miles in length, and stretches from Wallsend, a suburb of Newcastle-on-Tyne in the east, to the western extremity at Bowness-on-Solway.

The wall, including its many fortifications and extensive earthworks, was ordered to be built by the Emporer Hadrian during his visit to Brigantia in 122 AD, in order to protect his conquered territories from the local marauding and resisting indigenous peoples of the north – collectively known as the Brigantes. It is a remarkable monument to almost four centuries of Roman occupation and is now a World Heritage Site and a scheduled Ancient Monument. Within its boundaries, and in the near locality, there are also Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Museums, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and a National Park, all easily available for the walkers education and enjoyment.

At various locations along the wall, there are also information centres, with books, maps and many other items of literature available about the area. A visit to the Roman Army Museum near Walltown Crags is a ”must” and an enlightening experience.

Walkers on this newest of our National Trails will no doubt stand in awe of the skills and achievements of the Roman surveyors and engineers, at the miles of masonry remains, and the still visible hand-dug earthworks and Vallum, all constructed within a period of six years.

By the end of their period of occupation, the Roman Empire had declined, and Britain was abandoned. The wall and its fortifications became derelict, and due to a lack of appreciation of its historical importance by local people at the time, much of the stone was taken for re-use in local field walls and buildings, and it is therefore essential that what remains of this ancient structure continues to be suitably protected by English Heritage through the Countryside Agency.

The walk is generally undertaken in seven walking days from east to west, starting at Wallsend in Newcastle and finishing in Bowness-on-Solway, with the final two nights accommodation taken in the city of Carlisle. The last days walk is from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway, returning to Carlisle by bus or taxi, for that last night.

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