Hadrian’s High Way: Walk Information

Hadrian’s High Way is a 102 mile trail devised, written and illustrated by acclaimed outdoor writer Mark Richards.

The trail takes a dynamic, new look at the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire and embraces the majestic landscape through which the garrisons marched for 300 years.

There is no better way to view fell country than to follow the Roman road east from the port at Ravenglass, the maritime link with the Roman Empire, passing through wild mountains to ultimately trace the frontier along the Great Whin Sill where the Wall sits proud upon a striking escarpment within Northumberland National Park.

This is a real journey of discovery, linking ten forts, each in turn vital connections underpinning life on the Wall.

The trail stretches for just over 100 miles through the constantly changing, thoroughly absorbing, and spellbindingly beautiful landscape of the Lake District, Cumbria and Northumberland.

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