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The route is traditionally walked from west to east (St. Bees to Robin Hoods Bay), so that the prevailing winds and weather are coming from behind, and most guide books describe it this way. Along the route are many places of interest, including ancient castles, medieval abbeys, and picturesque villages, and the walk constantly offers a variety of scenery and terrain.

However, whilst it is fairly easy to follow through the National Parks, it is not an official national trail, and is not generally way marked. The valleys through the middle section, and the arable land in the eastern section make for straightforward walking, but the hills of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales are high, and gradients can be steep, so before you embark on this walk, you must be physically fit, and fully equipped to meet it.

Unless you are an experienced long-distance walker, it is advisable to take a companion, your boots should be well broken-in, and that you are able to carry a rucksack with your requisites for one or two days. The route attracts thousands of walkers each year, but many fail to complete the walk, usually because fitness and stamina and the weight of personal belongings required, has been over-estimated!

The assistance of the Brigantes Baggage Courier service has helped hundreds of walkers to achieve the completion of the walk, and also to enjoy it without having to carry a heavy backpack, knowing that warm and dry clothing awaits them at the end of each day.

Be prepared for the rigours of hill-walking, carrying warm, and wet weather clothing as a necessity, as well as sufficient food and drink, since this is not available to purchase over many sections of the walk, once you have started out for the day.

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